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Terranea Resort, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA USA

Unpresidential Ratio

My mother chose the destination: Terranea Resort for a weekend staycation getaway. About an hour from our home in Pasadena, Terranea offers an incredible escape from the traffic plagued streets of greater Los Angeles. Mom chose well, and wisely in advance, as during Thanksgiving weekend it seemed all of LA wanted to stay with Terranea. […]

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The Kitchen by Wolfgang Puck, LAX Terminal 6, Los Angeles CA USA

Owning Airports

I honestly didn’t think I’d be making this trip again. Exactly 12 months later. But alas, visiting my grandfather brings such great joy to me, I felt beyond lucky to be seeing him, even if it was only for 24hrs. Rachel warned me Terminal 6 sucked, but I still wanted to get there early for […]

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Vince’s Deli, Pasadena, CA USA

Lunchtime Office Request

“I need a club sandwich” was how the conversation started. Why? There was no good excuse, besides it being lunch and a long day still looming over me. Time was not my friend this day, but Mel, a coworker, was there to assist. Mel, his search skills hungry for a task, looked up the best […]

Josie’s, Winchester, England UK

Guac and Mayo?

I hadn’t been back to England in 9 years. That sounds like a really long time. But since my father now has a home in Winchester, just outside of London, it only seemed right to visit on “our way back” from Iceland. Winchester is the quintessential London suburb, an epitome of British culture. I jested […]

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Joe and The Juice, Keflavík (KEF) Airport, Iceland

Deceivingly Delicious

Who goes to Iceland three times? This guy. The first trip was just with Rachel. The second was for work. And this time it was with family. Packed with new and old adventures, I was excited for another trip to the land of fire and ice. I knew many parts of Reykjavik well (sometimes I am […]

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Trader Joe’s, USC Village, Los Angeles, CA USC

Trading Cheap

How many broken TV’s does it take to create an integrated TV display wall? Too many! All jokes aside, setting up our new retail location at USC was a feat that took many hands many hours. Hot heat, cramped spaces, bright ideas and a low budget – that’s how our buildout went at USC. And […]

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