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Club Sandwich Reviews

Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows, Santa Monica, CA USA

In-Room Secret

LA is a massive city. Less of a city, it’s simply a massive area. I live and work in Pasadena, and while Santa Monica is an easy 30 minute drive with no traffic, this time can double, triple, or even quadruple based on traffic. So I take my trips out to Santa Monica very seriously. […]

Starbucks, Shinbashi, Tokyo, Japan

Breakfast by the Books

Our last day – Rachel wanted soba for breakfast. I was kinda Japanese-fooded out. Last night we had ramen, oyster, scallops, sushi, and green tea everything. Rachel was staying for another week and loves soba for breakfast; I was running around trying to get everything sorted before my flight home… a nice relaxing Japanese meal […]

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Suiran, Kyoto, Japan

Japanese Escapism

Soooooo much sightseeing. Our feet were aching from miles and miles of walking through the narrow streets of Kyoto. Halfway through our trip and at least 12 solid Japanese meals in, my body (and mind) needed something satisfying in a different way. Our first day away from Hokkaido, I used points to book us at […]

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Royal Park Hotel Shiodome, Tokyo, Japan

Fried Chicken Friendly

It was Rachel’s fourth time in Japan this year. Fourth time staying at this hotel, the Royal Park Hotel Shiodome. And she raved about everything at the property… except their food. She was right: ignoring her advice, nearly every item I tried from their café was a letdown. While the Japanese creations in the exclusive […]

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Aux Delices, Pasadena, CA USA

Crunchy Baguette

I was jonesing for a club sandwich. Too many plain mixed salads, salty Starbucks wraps, tiny Jamba Juice quinoa bowls, and overly average poke had left craving something fulfilling in the Old Town Pasadena vicinity. I needed a club sandwich, I knew that would quench this craving, and a google search revealed Aux Delices had one […]

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Griffith Park Golf Shop, Los Angeles, CA USA

Golf Date Club

A golf date. Not my typical outing, but who could resist hitting up a driving range after work to relieve the stress of a long day while catching up with a friend? Sam took me to Griffith Park Driving Range, a beautiful public range and banquet hall halfway between Pasadena and the rest of Los […]