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W Hotel, Austin, TX USA

Nonstop SXSW

SXSW is a nonstop event. It’s hard to describe the experience, but essentially, major mainstream/well-known b2c “tech” companies (and I use the word “tech” loosely) have events throughout the city over a 10 day period, and visitors hop from one destination to another, absorbing as much as they can. Half a million attendees, lots of […]

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Cheeca Lodge, Islamorada, FL USA

Toasted Poolside

Nothing says vacation like ordering lunch poolside. In fact, it’s pretty hard to combine the words “work” and “poolside lunch” in the same sentence… although maybe I’m just in the wrong industry! Several weeks of nonstop work ended with Saunders family vacation in the Florida Keys. We chose a spot that was easy for everyone […]

Montage Hotel, Laguna Beach, CA USA

Not Like The Others

We love having visitors in California, although it rarely happens.* My mother has made it a yearly mission for herself though, and we love it! This year, she took us to the Montage Hotel in Laguna Beach, a couple of hours south of Pasadena. An absolutely gorgeous, stunning property, the Montage is uniquely situated on […]

The Pink Palace (Best Western Hotel), Allen Park, MI USA

California Meets Middle America

15 degrees. I hadn’t experienced cold weather in quite some time. This was a fact I was proud of. But at the same time, something about the sharp, bitter air was exciting. It was fun being a tourist in this climate. CES followed by the Detroit Auto Show. 2 of the biggest respective industry events […]

Las Alcobas, Mexico City, Mexico

Hearty Elegance

Rachel really wanted to go to Mexico City for her birthday. So did I, but work seemed to impede on the planning process. Not for Rachel though. “Let’s just leave Saturday and come back Sunday,” she said in her most logically persuasive voice. Flights had us arriving at 4pm Saturday and departing 4pm Sunday. Once […]

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ARIA Sky Suites, Las Vegas, NV USA

Plain Pizzazz

Weekend trip to Vegas. Rachel and I hadn’t been together in… 6 years was it? That almost sounds unbelievable, and while both of us remember it well, this trip was purely for pleasure, unlike the previous which was Rachel’s business trip I tagged along on. Always so difficult to choose a hotel in Vegas. And […]

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