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ARIA Sky Suites, Las Vegas, NV USA

Plain Pizzazz

Weekend trip to Vegas. Rachel and I hadn’t been together in… 6 years was it? That almost sounds unbelievable, and while both of us remember it well, this trip was purely for pleasure, unlike the previous which was Rachel’s business trip I tagged along on. Always so difficult to choose a hotel in Vegas. And […]

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Whole Foods Market, Jamaica Plain, Boston, MA USA

Working Hand-Held Meal

Our business trips tend to be nonstop. We work very hard and have a lot of fun in the process. We all want something fast for lunch, and normally I push for Starbucks, which most of our team thinks is a disgusting decision. But this time… was no different. I followed Tom begrudgingly into Wholefoods, […]

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Starbucks, Cannes, France

Sh*tty American

Life had been busy with work, so vacation was pretty much out of the question for most of 2016. Nevertheless, vacation is a must in everyone’s life, so we balanced the work life relationship by taking three days off for a trip. But instead of driving a few hours away or hopping on a short […]

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Wolfgang Puck Express Los Angeles Airport (LAX), LA USA

Pre-Hawaii Meal

We needed a break. We needed some relaxation away from home. Our last time flying somewhere for vacation, just the two of us, was when we went to Hawaii for New Years. How fitting that we would choose the same destination to go to, just as spontaneously as before. We used a combination of United, […]

Hotel del Coronado, San Diego, CA


When I received the email notifying us the office was closed Monday, it occurred to me we had no Fourth of July plans. I was not prepared for this moment. Fortunately Rachel was full of ideas, and 3 hours of research later, we were booked to go to San Diego. Even though it was only […]

The Peninsula Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, CA USA


Lunch at the rooftop restaurant (The Roof Garden) of the Peninsula in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles. With the pool behind us and business meetings in bathing suits surrounding us, I dined with a newly acquainted friend who had called this hotel home for quite some time at one point. While no club sandwich was found […]