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UFood Grill, Salt Lake City (Airport SLC), UT USA

Awful Burrito

Boy’s skiing trip. I felt like I was back in 7th grade visiting my longtime friend Ricky and staying with his father, who set the schedule and the pace. My 2nd family. What they called Park City’s worst snow in decades, I called fantastic. A bad day of skiing in Utah is still better than […]

InterContinental Hotel, Cartagena de Indias, Bolivar, Colombia

Away from the Vendors

Cartagena couldn’t have been more different than Bogota. And wow was I happy to have landed here for 4 nights. Love Cartagena. Culture, food, cocktails, history, architecture, nightlife, beaches, boats, and so much more. Why had I never been here before? I couldn’t answer that question. But who cares – I was teeming with excitement […]

JW Marriott, Bogota, Colombia

Hot Mess

24hrs in Bogota. That’s all the time we needed to get the most out of this city. I had heard differing opinions before visiting, and I have to admit: nearly all of them were accurate, as juxtaposing as they sounded. The JW Marriott was a lovely oasis separated from the bustling city life, which I […]

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La Luce Cafe & Deli, Pasadena, CA USA

Meaty Cucumber

My coworker – another Evan – recommended the restaurant based off of Yelp reviews. I had never heard of it. I didn’t even know where it was located, even though the address put it 100 yards away. La Luce Café and Deli… I suppose you could best describe it as unassuming. Its location matched its […]

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Hill Grill, Los Angeles, CA USA

Trailer Gem

Setting up for the LA Auto Show is always exciting… and tiring. This year we had three locations, all excellent, with new products being launched, which meant more everything to set up. Halfway through the day, Daniel and I caught ourselves needing an injection of energy. With the food venues at the convention center closed, […]

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Terranea Resort, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA USA

Unpresidential Ratio

My mother chose the destination: Terranea Resort for a weekend staycation getaway. About an hour from our home in Pasadena, Terranea offers an incredible escape from the traffic plagued streets of greater Los Angeles. Mom chose well, and wisely in advance, as during Thanksgiving weekend it seemed all of LA wanted to stay with Terranea. […]

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