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Ordered at Walt Disney Studios in the employee cafeteria of their Burbank campus.

Overall Score 79.5/100
Presentation 6.9/10 Meat Quality 7.9/10
Fruit / Vegetable Quality 7.8/10 Bread Quality 7.9/10
Mayo / Sauce Usage 8.4/10 Value 8.7/10
Ingredients Ratio 8.1/10 Sides 8/10
Ambiance 8.1/10 Overall Taste 7.7/10

Yes, I would love a tour of Disney Studios.

A kind offer from someone I was just introduced to; we had a longstanding mutual friend, and the invite came quickly after introduction… the studios were only fifteen minutes from our new apartment in Pasadena, a destination I drove by on the highway often during commutes, so I took him up on the offer with little hesitation.

My new friend was very familiar with the ins and outs of the studios, and walking around with him provided fantastic insight into work (life) here.

While there are no public tours of the premises, Disney has taken solid measures to ensure employees and their families can experience the deep history and prominence of the company throughout the massive campus. In many instances it felt more like museum than officeplace, something I wondered if many employees forgot about over time.

My favorite item of historic significance on property was the Studio Café menu from 1940. No, it didn’t have a club sandwich on it, but with everything under $1, and most items under 50 cents (including the chef’s plate featuring chicken a la king, Irish lamb stew, rolls, butter, and coffee, at 45 cents… although the liverwurst sandwich at 20 cents was tempting… and I was pleasantly surprised to see they drank iced coffee back then –  only 10 cents!).

The last stop on our tour was the cafeteria. Situated in the center of campus, it offered a solid selection of different ethnic flavors, ensuring the patrons who visited daily would not get board of its offerings.

Fortunately they had a club sandwich wrap, and while not too visually appealing, my hopes were high that its flavors would arouse my senses in a way Disney films had done for many years.


The mortadella was an interesting choice – this “white ham,” so the chef described, would have been better left as supporting role than main character. The tomato was a bit sparse and the wrap a bit too thick. It did not reflect the great care that Disney seemingly went through to ensure their employees loved the campus. Or the great care Disney goes through in selecting the roles for its films. If I worked here everyday, this club sandwich would not be my go to. Although the chips were quite delicious… even if grease oozed from them every bite.

While Disney doesn’t usually disappoint, Rotten Tomatoes wouldn’t have given this club a high review. Perhaps the sequel will produce better results next time….


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