Las Alcobas, Mexico City, Mexico

Hearty Elegance

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Ordered from in-room dining at Las Alcobas, probably the best hotel in Mexico City, Mexico.

Overall Score 90.8/100
Presentation 9/10 Meat Quality 9/10
Fruit / Vegetable Quality 9.1/10 Bread Quality 8.9/10
Mayo / Sauce Usage 9.1/10 Value 9.3/10
Ingredients Ratio 9.3/10 Sides 8.5/10
Ambiance 9.5/10 Overall Taste 9.1/10

Rachel really wanted to go to Mexico City for her birthday. So did I, but work seemed to impede on the planning process. Not for Rachel though.

“Let’s just leave Saturday and come back Sunday,” she said in her most logically persuasive voice.

Flights had us arriving at 4pm Saturday and departing 4pm Sunday.

Once again we found ourselves saying “we can either not go at all, or go for a night.”

So we booked it.

Rachel hit Executive Platinum on American Airlines earlier in the year, which got us upgraded to first class on the flight down (and the flight back). It was smooth riding into Mexico, where a window seat provided us with an awesome video of the sprawling city, lacking the air pollution that I expected.

In fact, Mexico City didn’t really have any of the negative connotations I had heard from other American family, friends, and coworkers who thought we were a bit crazy to be going there.

Lovely, beautiful, extremely livable… that’s how I’d describe the area our 35-room Starwood-branded boutique hotel, Las Alcobas, was in. We met up with our friend Jaime and he took us on a tour.

I have never had Mexican food like that. It was amazing. So delicious. Why couldn’t we get food like that in LA? Why does Mexican food in America so often have to be unhealthy?

Nevertheless, a night full of drinking mescal required a meal upon returning to our hotel. And lucky for us, the all-night menu had a turkey club sandwich on it.

Tastefully plated, Las Alcobas’s turkey club sandwich embodies hearty elegance. The presentation excited me – so simple yet so beautiful. The over-easy fried egg was perfectly placed above the sliced avocado, all smothering the sliced moist turkey breast and crispy bacon. The bread, lightly buttered with garlic aioli. And a tomato to add a hint of fresh fruitiness.

Las Alcobas knows how to prepare a delicious club sandwich. I was so thrilled – this had been the best club sandwich in quite some time… and no, that wasn’t the mescal talking.

Our flight the following day was delayed until 6pm, so we got an extra two hours of sightseeing (food eating) in. Mexico City, we loved you, and we will be back.


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