The Pink Palace (Best Western Hotel), Allen Park, MI USA

California Meets Middle America

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Ordered at Mugly's, the only dining option at the Best Western Allen Park, also known as The Pink Palace.

Overall Score 79.7/100
Presentation 7.3/10 Meat Quality 7.1/10
Fruit / Vegetable Quality 7.9/10 Bread Quality 7.9/10
Mayo / Sauce Usage 7.7/10 Value 9/10
Ingredients Ratio 8.7/10 Sides 8.5/10
Ambiance 7.8/10 Overall Taste 7.8/10

15 degrees.

I hadn’t experienced cold weather in quite some time. This was a fact I was proud of. But at the same time, something about the sharp, bitter air was exciting. It was fun being a tourist in this climate.

CES followed by the Detroit Auto Show. 2 of the biggest respective industry events of the year. How incredible was this?

The only downside we were anticipating was the accommodation in Detroit. The hotel I initially booked was dreadful and the remaining hotels in the city were sold out. So we booked the Pink Palace, a Best Western property in Allen Park, about 25 minutes outside of Detroit.

Nice beds, quiet hallways, pink décor everywhere, decent heat, and a lobby restaurant with the exact type of warm hospitality you’d expect in a place where everyone knew it was the only dining option around.

Oh yes, Mugly’s was the restaurant of choice for patrons of The Pink Palace.

We ate here three nights in a row. Not because of the food. Not because of the warm hospitality. Not because of the legendary happy hour. But because of the convenience.

Convenience is a key element of a good club sandwich. So while I wasn’t excited about Mugly’s, a sense of contentment enveloped me as I saw that Mugly’s had a signature club sandwich on the menu.

Cold, tired, and sore, Mugly’s Club Sandwich was exactly what the doctor ordered.

Mugly’s was about overindulgence in value. It wasn’t the $23.95 porterhouse steak that suggested it, it was their club sandwich.

Cheese cheese and more cheese. Meat meat and more meat. Somewhere along the way a stranded avocado. Mugly’s club sandwich can be defined as middle America meets California.

Why both American and Swiss cheese? Why not, I could see Mugly saying. And if that wasn’t enough flavor, perhaps melting parmesan cheese all over the sourdough bread would suffice. Cheese, was something Mugly favored.

And the arguments that must have occurred over which meat to choose. The overflowing hickory smoked bacon, combined with the sliced turkey and thick ham, told me there were too many cooks in the kitchen. Or none at all.

Who suggested avocado along with the lettuce and tomato? Even the waitress asked if we wanted it removed because “some people just find it odd it’s in there.” I guessed that many locals referred to this ingredient as exotic. Whether they were republican or democratic might have dictated whether they enjoyed it.

While I knew I’d never be back to Mugly’s, I was confident their club sandwich was the best item on the menu. And the next night, you guessed it: the team all followed suit and ordered the same. Was I a leader? Maybe, maybe not, but either way everyone was content with Mugly’s club.


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    Definitely the best thing on the menu.

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