Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows, Santa Monica, CA USA

In-Room Secret

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Ordered at Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows in Santa Monica, Los Angeles, California.

Overall Score 91.5/100
Presentation 9.1/10 Meat Quality 9.5/10
Fruit / Vegetable Quality 9.7/10 Bread Quality 8.8/10
Mayo / Sauce Usage 9.5/10 Value 8.9/10
Ingredients Ratio 9.2/10 Sides 8.7/10
Ambiance 8.9/10 Overall Taste 9.2/10

LA is a massive city. Less of a city, it’s simply a massive area. I live and work in Pasadena, and while Santa Monica is an easy 30 minute drive with no traffic, this time can double, triple, or even quadruple based on traffic. So I take my trips out to Santa Monica very seriously.

A meeting with Fairmont Miramar brought me to the coast on a gorgeous summer weekday. Our first URB-E hotel partner, I was delighted to visit the team and check up on their URB-E hotel program.

Traffic is lightest during lunch hour, so we planned to meet around noon and grab a bite to eat. A gorgeous property located in the heart of Santa Monica and just a few hundred feet from the beach, I was excited to visit and catch up with them… as long as I was on the road to Pasadena before 2pm when traffic begins to once again plague the path back to the east.

We sat down outside in their back patio, and I expressed slight disappointment that the menu had no club sandwich on it.

Could it be that Fairmont Miramar did not have a club sandwich?

Everything about this property screamed “we have a great club sandwich” and I expressed this to their team in a hopefully suggestive way.

To my delight, their in-room dining menu did have a club sandwich, and the full in-room dining menu could be enjoyed anywhere on the property.

One club sandwich please!

And when it arrived, I was shocked they kept this a secret and available to in-room diners only!

Almost like two sandwiches in one, everything was doubled on the Fairmont Miramar’s club sandwich. While slightly more challenging to eat, the value in this meal was tremendous, and Fairmont wasn’t apprehensive about putting their best ingredients forward.

The tomato and avocado were an absolute delight. Super fresh, it was almost like they had a farm next door. These were award winning tomatoes, seriously. The bacon was thick cut, crisp, and not overly salty. Moist turkey, sliced in perfect proportion to the rest of the sandwich, added the flavorful protein this meal needed and jived amazingly with the bacon.

But the best touch? That was their divine garlic aioli. Painted onto the lightly toasted white bread, it added a creamy hint of garlic to an already flavorful assortment of ingredients. Not overly powerful, it was the perfect “icing on the cake.”

And the Arnold Palmer and French Fries were the ideal accompaniments.

Best sandwich in Santa Monica?

I felt so lucky that URB-E brought me here. I felt so lucky that this property was our first hotel partner.

This club sandwich was made with pride. And I would recommend it to anyone visiting the property… as well as taking a ride around Santa Monica with URB-Es!


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