Hard Rock Hotel, Orlando FL USA

Kid Friendly Dissapointment

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Ordered at the Hard Rock Hotel in Orlando, adjacent to Universal Studios.

Overall Score 75.3/100
Presentation 6.1/10 Meat Quality 8.2/10
Fruit / Vegetable Quality 8/10 Bread Quality 7.6/10
Mayo / Sauce Usage 8.2/10 Value 7.6/10
Ingredients Ratio 5.9/10 Sides 8.5/10
Ambiance 8.1/10 Overall Taste 7.1/10

Who flies from Boston to Orlando Wednesday morning of the week that most schools begin at 7:30am?

I asked myself this question while boarding my Delta flight.

The answer: not many people.

I was in Orlando for a night to present at a conference, and the Hard Rock Hotel was my lodging destination. The conference was extremely well organized, and they made me feel like a rock star, picking me up in a chauffeured black car and having me present to 100+ people on stage at the Hard Rock Live venue.

It made me almost enjoy wearing a black suit in the Florida summer heat.

In between my presentation and cocktail hour, work called, and I headed to the hotel room to get stuff done. To power me through the afternoon, I needed a snack. Not a full lunch, but not a bag of chips…

Ah yes, the Kid’s Turkey Club Sandwich sounded like the perfect match for my mid-afternoon appetite.

While the menu boasted a mini-me version of its adult counterpart, bacon, lettuce, and tomato included, what arrived to my room was a pathetic performance in stark contrast with the chef’s description.

The Kids Turkey Club Sandwich was essentially bread, turkey, and American cheese.

Major disappointment. I pitied the kids who thought they were sampling what adults worldwide get to enjoy. I cringed thinking how I would react as a parent if this arrived for my child.

Nevertheless, the turkey was actually delicious. So I ate all of the turkey and left the cheese and bread.

Luck was on my side though, as I was dining at The Palm in a few hours, and as a glass-half-full kind of guy, this meant a larger appetite for dinner. Would I go for steak or lobster?  Decisions decisions…


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