Aux Delices, Pasadena, CA USA

Crunchy Baguette

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Ordered at Aux Delices, a cafe in the heart of Old Town Pasadena.

Overall Score 76.8/100
Presentation 7.8/10 Meat Quality 8/10
Fruit / Vegetable Quality 7.4/10 Bread Quality 7/10
Mayo / Sauce Usage 6.9/10 Value 8.2/10
Ingredients Ratio 7.3/10 Sides 8.2/10
Ambiance 8.6/10 Overall Taste 7.4/10

I was jonesing for a club sandwich.

Too many plain mixed salads, salty Starbucks wraps, tiny Jamba Juice quinoa bowls, and overly average poke had left craving something fulfilling in the Old Town Pasadena vicinity. I needed a club sandwich, I knew that would quench this craving, and a google search revealed Aux Delices had one of the highest rated club sandwiches in the area.

Only a few blocks from our offices, I strolled over and placed my order.

This was a cute café with a prime location in Pasadena. And their club sandwich boasted heart warming ingredients including chicken breast, bacon, melted cheese, tomato, avocado, and lettuce, served on a toasted French baguette.

How could this meal be anything but exactly what I was looking for?

Hard, crunchy bread started the first bite. Although it was the first bite that had me going back to the restaurant – they added mustard to the sandwich even though I asked specifically not to. So they remade it for me.

Hard, crunchy bread started the second bite. While no mustard this time, the cheese and mayonnaise overpowered the rest of the flavors in this sandwich. The chicken breast was lovely but the lack of that main ingredient, coupled with the lack of tomato and too much lettuce, made this an awkwardly balanced club sandwich. The lack of avocado also did not meet my initial expectations.

Sadly, I had not found a new goto lunch spot.

And the search continues for the best club sandwich within walking distance of my office in Old Town Pasadena…

Editors Note: Since taking the above photo and eating this club sandwich, I have learned Smart Water has a very low PH level and should be avoided.


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