Della’s Kitchen, The Delano, Las Vegas, NV USA

Maple Pepper Smokiness

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Ordered at Della's Kitchen in The Delano Hotel of Las Vegas.

Overall Score 91.6/100
Presentation 8.1/10 Meat Quality 9.4/10
Fruit / Vegetable Quality 9.2/10 Bread Quality 9.6/10
Mayo / Sauce Usage 9.1/10 Value 9.1/10
Ingredients Ratio 9.1/10 Sides 9.4/10
Ambiance 9.3/10 Overall Taste 9.3/10

I’m not a gambler, so it’s usually Vegas’s food scene that draws me in. And there’s no shortage of fabulous fare, so finding another fantastic club sandwich was high on my list during this most recent trip, unfortunately not satisfied by The Cosmopolitan’s room service.

We arrived at Della’s Kitchen a few hours before my flight, ample time to enjoy their Farmhouse Club Sandwich. This establishment came via a recommendation from a friend with longstanding Vegas experience, so I trusted him when it was his only suggestion.

While the menu did boast other classics, the Farmhouse Club was the only dish I wanted… the maple pepper bacon drew me in with great curiosity, and I was anxious to know how these flavors would work with the other ingredients. Jay Calimlim, executive chef of Della’s Kitchen, has a great reputation and resume, so I trusted his creation and eagerly awaited lunch.

I dined with Josh, and patiently listened to his diatribe, portraying faux interest in his proclamation that all club sandwiches need to be quartered… a statement I have heard too many times from those unfamiliar with the club industry.

Surely Jay Calimlim didn’t care about amateur preconceived club ideologies while creating this sandwich at Della’s Kitchen…

No, he didn’t. And he also proved that thinking outside the club can often create a better, more exciting version of this sandwich, while staying true to the meal’s original intentions.

Using locally sourced ingredients, the Farmhouse Club Sandwich from Della’s Kitchen is a delicious melody of flavors, and the executive chefs ensures each ingredient stands out while not overtaking those around it.

The bacon was everything I hoped it would be when I saw it in the list of ingredients. Sweet and peppery, it had a wonderful balance that played well with the smokiness of the bourbon brined turkey, which I later learned is exclusively prepared for this club sandwich.

I enjoyed the sharpness of the onions; they paired nicely with the smooth and moist kumato tomatoes, which not only added a lovely color, but also lovely taste. The avocado contributed a creaminess that vibed well with the subtly applied house made herb aioli, a delicious savoriness that blended nicely as a buffer between the main ingredients and the standout fluffy yet firm herb ciabatta.

To top this meal off, it came with fantastic French fries… I rarely enjoy the thick version of these, they tend to be too mushy and bland, however executive chef Jay Calimlim has created thicker fries that embody the crispiness one would normally find in their thinner counterpart, with equal if not more flavor. Well done!

It’s hard to articulate the joy I feel when experiencing such a well made club sandwich; needless to say, I would come back many times over to have this same meal again. And while Joël Robuchon at the Mansion in the MGM Grand takes the cake for dinner, I will surely recommend the Della’s Kitchen Farmhouse Club Sandwich to those visiting this city


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